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  • Pink Death Star

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    Pink Death Star is a flavorful creation by Riot Seeds. Known for its “spice rack” terpene profile, this strain reeks of cardamom, fennel, ginger, and pepper. This collection of flavors and the strain’s naturally high THC percentage make it a worthwhile addition to any strain collection. Pink Death Star (also known as Pink Death) delivers buds with deep purple hues and body-melting sedation, so naturally, this strain is best utilized in the evening.

  • Woolly Mammoth

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    Mammoth also called the Wooly Mammoth is a Hybrid strain with larger-than-life flowers, flavors, and buzzy effects. The Wooly Mammoth is a cross between unique hybrid LA Confidential and the very resinous Snowcap. It is a great strain for consumers who want to illuminate their daily agenda without becoming totally incapacitated.

  • White Truffle

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    White Truffle is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that is a type of Gorilla Butter. This strain produces a quick-hitting head high that will clear your mind of worry. Eventually, these effects can be felt throughout your body, leaving you in a relaxing trance. Consumers who have enjoyed White Truffle weed describe the high as “calming and slightly buzzy.” This strain is best when enjoyed after a long day of work or during the evening hours to relax and unwind. White Truffle features a savory and earthy flavor profile accompanied by a mild skunky aroma. Medical marijuana patients choose White Truffle to relieve symptoms associated with stress and fatigue.

  • Citron

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    Citron is an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain. It is believed to be a variety of OG Kush. Like its name suggests, Citron has a bright flavor profile that features a sweet and sour combination of lemon and lime. Smoking this strain produces a euphoric effect that relaxes your entire body without putting you to sleep. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain for its ability to relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain and stress. Citron buds are bright green with frosty trichomes and dark orange hairs.
    This is a high powered hybrid bred by Jungle Boys. This potent sativa-leaning bud has a profile of sweet candy, citrus, and a hint of nutty earthiness. It may provide users with a euphoric, energizing lift that could have you feeling motivated and active.
  • Truffle Monkey

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    Truffle Monkey variety from Exotic Genetix is an indica leaning strain with a lineage of Grease Monkey and Truffula Tree. This strain has an earthy, woody, sweet, and herbal aroma, and offers a calm euphoric head high.
  • Grease Monkey

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    Grease Monkey is a sweet hybrid marijuana strain with earthy and skunky overtones. Created by Exotic Genetix, Grease Monkey is a cross of GG4 x Cookies and Cream. This strain saddles the consumer with a lazy, munchie-fueled body buzz that may soften the blow of chronic pain, nausea, and stress.

  • Pumpkin Patch =

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    An autumn favorite, Pumpkin Patch promises flavor and scents spectrums reminiscent of the season. Pumpkin promotes a pedigree of predominantly indica influence, as looks and effects perpetuate.

    Sticky buds, nice light green colour, healthy trichome coverage.  Ghost white ash.