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  • 3g Distillate Disposable Pen | Burn.

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    We are proud to now be carrying the new Burn. Disposable Vape Pens! These vape pens are some of the only ones on the market that come filled with 3ml (3 grams) of distillate. Burn. is a Vancouver brand that uses premium distillate that is locally sourced. There are a ton of different strains to choose from, with a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid, and from what we hear there are more strains on the way!

    Please refer to the instructions on the back of the box for information regarding charging, settings and usage.

    – 3 grams THC Distillate
    – Battery included, just open and smoke!
    – Pen is disposable, not re-fillable

  • 2g Distillate Disposable Pen | Burn.

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    Burn.: Mega-Sized 2g Disposable Vape Pens contain only three simple ingredients: High-grade solvent-less Delta-9 THC distillate, MCT oil and organic plant-based terpenes. Burn is a homegrown extract company providing us with products sourced from the best flower from the best growers in BC. If you’re looking for a convenient escape, Burns Disposable Weed Vaporizer is just the thing you need. Having been in the industry for 25 years, you can be sure that you’re getting the best smoking experience. It sources the best and most natural terpenes while keeping all the cannabinoids.

  • Distillate Syringe 1g | Factory 710