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  • Black Tuna | Dank Packs

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    Black Tuna, also known as “Tuna Black,” is a British Columbian hybrid marijuana strain created by 5 Star Organic to give patients a potent punch of THC that is ideal for chronic pain relief. This Herijuana and Lamb’s Bread cross has gained quite a bit of fame in Canada for both its strong narcotic effect and its whimsical marketing—prepackaged meds were sold in sealed tuna cans. Black Tuna flowers will be compact, trichome-covered and have a strong smell. Black Tuna doesn’t smell quite like fish, however; the strain’s name comes from the Black Tuna Gang that was famous for smuggling Colombian marijuana into the United States in the 1970s. Given its potency and high THC, this strain may be too much for novice or moderate consumers.


  • Grandfather OG

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    Corleone Kush is a mostly indica hybrid cannaibs strain that, like its fictional Godfather namesake, is definitely powerful. Its sour citrus aroma with darker notes of incense is telling of its Pre-98 Bubba Kush and SFV OG Kush genetics. This potent strain flowers in 8 weeks and produces dense flowers. Its heavy indica properties make Corleone Kush an ideal choice for pain relief and insomnia, though its potency may bring on more sativa-like energetic effects for some consumers.

  • Pumpkin Patch =

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    An autumn favorite, Pumpkin Patch promises flavor and scents spectrums reminiscent of the season. Pumpkin promotes a pedigree of predominantly indica influence, as looks and effects perpetuate.

    Sticky buds, nice light green colour, healthy trichome coverage.  Ghost white ash.

  • Freddy Krueger Kush | Dank Packs

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    Freddy Krueger has been grown and cultivated for the last couple years by only the best that have a passion for quality cannabis. Whether its been a long day at work or its your day off you can always count on this indica-dominant flower to relax and unwind when its needed most. This strain brings all the best of piney, skunky, and lemon-spice notes that make for the ultimate DANK smoke. With an effect that settles into the body- this strain is great for anyone looking for pain/nausea relief, and relaxation.


  • Ranky OG | Dank Packs

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    Ranky OG is a Dank Bank Special.  IYKYK.

  • Donkey Butter #10 | Dank Packs

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    Donkey Butter is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the classic Grease Monkey X Triple OG strains. The name may be weird, but this bud packs a super savory pungent flavor and lifted effects that are perfect for any indica lover.

  • House Diamonds 1g | Dank Bank

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    Cannabis diamonds are a form of cannabis concentrate that you can smoke or vape. Just like its name suggests, THCA diamonds appear as solid crystalline structures that are semi-transparent and, well, look like diamonds. While concentrates open up a whole new world of cannabis consumption, it can also be daunting for new users. This is largely…

  • House Budder 1g | Dank Bank

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    Budder is a cannabis concentrate that truly does look and feel a lot like butter. Budder is a softer concentrate and is actually quite spreadable much like softened table butter. Budder can take on a lot of different hues depending on both the precise methodology used to make it and the strain from which it…

  • House Live Resin 1g | Dank Bank


    Cannabis concentrates are often named or described by their textures or consistencies: some are hard and brittle, like shatter; some waxy; some thick and gooey, like batter; and some like sauce. Live resin is a more malleable concentrate, sitting somewhere between a wax and a sauce—not quite like taffy yet not too wet.

    It is typically dark yellow in color but can vary from light yellow to white. Like all cannabis concentrates, it is extremely sticky, so you’ll need a dab tool to handle it.

    Live resins tend to be potent with a lot of THC, and consumers love it because of its intense flavors and aromas which carry over from the original plant.

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    Medicated Thirst Quencher 175mg THC | Dank Bank

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    Dank Bank’s Medicated Thirst Quenchers are a perfect way to discretely medicate after a long day of labour or vigorous exercise. The electrolytes will hydrate you and the cannabinoids will ensure a speedy recovery! (Keep refrigerated for longer shelf life)

  • Zig Zag Hash 1g

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    Zig Zag Hash is a premium hash that is processed adhering to cultural methods and standards to ensure a high-grade and authentic product every time. This black hash has a THC level of over 35% and packs a punch! What makes Zig Zag Hash so special is the amount of time the hashish spends curing and its brown almost black hue.

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    Rockstar Live Rosin 1g | Dank Bank x Wash Co Gucci Grade

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    This powerful and reputable strain has been reduced into a powerful concentrate. The resulted effects allow for deep relaxation sensations without taking out of commission for the entire evening. While a candidate for debilitating sedation through overuse at night, this is a go to indica derivative. Grab your Rockstar Live Hash Rosin today and you’ll learn about it’s powerful relief ability and you will never want to be without to get you through your day.